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Hero Market

Crystal Palace until 13th December

South Harrow market from 21st December 

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Opened on 7th September 2019 we aim to cut back on packaging and encourage sustainable shopping. No single use plastic, no or limited packaging. General grocery, health, beauty and lifestyle products with minimal impact on the environment.

As well as cutting down on pointless plastics and single use packaging, zero waste shopping can help combat food waste as you only buy what you need and help you eat healthier ingredients. 

We have nested in the middle of Upper Norwood Recreation Ground in a small white hub until December 13th 2019 and then relocating to South Harrow market and opening on December 21st. 

Please drop us an email at

Currently in stock:


– organic white penne and fussilli, – organic wholewheat penne and fusilli, – organic white & wholewheat spaghetti;


– red split lentils, – chickpeas


– white rice, – jumbo oats, – porridge oats, – gluten free porridge oats


– apricot muesli, – tropical muesli

Dry fruits:

– mango, -pineapples, – dates, – figs, – raisins, – prunes, – apricots, – desiccated coconut


– almonds, – walnuts, – cashew, – roasted peanuts in skins


– flax seeds/line seeds, – sunflower, – chia, – hemp


– Chilli sticks, – sesame sticks, – banana chips, – potato crisps in home compostable packaging salt & salt & vinegar


 – Vego white chocolate, – Tony’s fair trade 80% cocoa, – Tony’s fair trade 51% cocoa almond & sea salt, – Seed & Bean fair trade 72% cocoa mint, – Seed and Bean fair trade 66% coconut & raspberry,     – Nu Cao bars 


 – vegan jellies cupcakes, – vegan jellies blue bottles, – orange sherbets, – strawberry sherbets, – cola fizzballs, – mint imperials


 – fair trade golden granulated unrefined sugar, – organic white plain flour,  – bicarbonate of soda

 Spices & herbs:

 – mixed herbs, – turmeric, – paprika, – chili powder, – black pepper, – curry powder, – coriander, – sea salt, – cinnamon

 Vegan speciality:

 – vegan honey in glass jar, – chocolate cream, – coconut condensed milk in a can, – vegan protein in home compostable packaging vanilla, banana or strawberry, – mayonnaise, – canned soup, – canned beans, – pesto, – ketchup in glass bottle


 – sunflower frying oil in glass bottle, – Karma Cola, – Karma Cola sugar free, – spring water in a can,     – sparkling water in a can


 – pet poo bags, – Lily’s dog food in home compostable packaging, – Lily’s cat food in home compostable packaging


 – soap bars, – shampoo bars, – deodorant, – lip balm, – solid body moisturiser, – solid conditioner, – bamboo toothbrushes adult and kids size, – tooth soap, – mouthwash tabs, – pumice stone, – plastic free patches, – vegan fair trade rubber condoms


 – Turtle net bag short & long handle, – Turtle recycled cement bags, – paper tape, – second hand necklaces & earrings





Upper Norwood Recreation Ground,

Chevening Hub,

Chevening Road,

SE19 3TE,

Crystal Palace, London

Until December 13th


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 12 – 6pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 3pm – 8pm

Friday: 8am -7pm

Saturday: 8am – 3pm

Sunday: 11 am- 3pm

Closed December 1st (Sun)