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Our Products

Deliveries are available in Harrow for £3 only. Delivered by bicycle. Please email to info@heromarket.co.uk required products list and quantities. This is a quick and not a full list to start with, I am constantly updating it:


Almonds: £2.00/100g
Hazelnuts: £1.70/100g
Walnuts: £1.75/100g
Cashew Pieces Organic: £1.15/100g
Peanuts Roasted in Skins: £0.70/100g 
Peanuts Blanched Organic: £0.80/100g
Brazil Nut Pieces: £2.35/100g
Pecan Nuts £2.80/100g
Pistachio £2.20/100g
Activated Nut Mix: £5.50/100g
Sunflower Seeds Organic: £0.24/100g
Pumpkin Seeds: £0.52/100g
Hemp Seeds Organic: £0.90/100g
Linseeds: £0.50/100g
Chia Seeds: £1.05/100g
Quinoa: £0.68/100g     
White Basmati Rice Organic: £0.42/100g
Brown Basmati Rice Organic: £0.33/100g
Red Rice Organic: £0.51/100g
Black Rice Organic: £0.51/100g
Roasted Buckwheat Organic: £0.51/100g 
Jumbo Oats Organic: £0.32/100g
Porridge Oats Organic: £0.32/100g
Porridge Oats (Gluten-free) Organic: £0.60/100g
Couscous: £0.22/100g
Millet Organic: £0.55/100g
Apricot Muesli: £0.40/100g
Tropical Muesli: £0.40/100g
Bran Flakes Organic: £0.75/100g
Alara Muesli (pack 250g): £3.00
Quinoa Pops: £1.10/100g
Dried Fruit
Apricots: £0.70/100g
Pitted Dates: £0.70/100g
Figs: £1.00/100g
Banana Chips: £0.90/100g
Pineapple: £0.70/100g
Raisins Organic: £0.65/100g
Mango: £2.30/100g
Desiccated Coconut: £0.65/100g
Prunes: £0.56/100g
Crystalised Ginger: £1.15/100g
White Durum Wheat Penne Organic: £0.32/100g
White Durum Wheat Spaghetti Organic: £0.38/100g  
Khorassan Fussili Organic: £0.58/100g
White Spelt Casarelle Organic: £0.58/100g
Emmer Casarelle Organic: £0.58/100g
Spelt Conchielie Organic: £0.58/100g
White Spelt Conchielie Organic: £0.58/100g
Corn & Rice Pasta Organic (Gluten-gree): £0.50/100g
Red Split Lentils: £0.32/100g
Olive Green Lentils: £0.73/100g 
Chickpeas: £0.32/100g   
Marrowfat Peas: £0.36/100g   
Black Beans Organic: £0.29/100g
Fava Beans: £0.34/100g
Mung Beans: £0.42/100g
Mung Daal: £0.60/100g
Roasted Green Peas: £0.69/100g
Roasted Yellow Peas with Paprika: £0.73/100g
Roasted Beans & Peas with Salt & Pepper: £0.73/100g
Sesame Sticks: £0.90/100g
Garlic Gathia (Sticks) with Garam Flour: £0.95/100g
Spices & Herbs 
Mixed Herbs: £3.50/100g
Turmeric: £1.50/100g
Paprika: £1.60/100g
Chilli Powder: £0.75/100g
Black Pepper: £2.70/100g
Black Peppercorns: £1.25/100g
Coriander: £2.30/100g
Sea Salt: £0.22/100g
Cinnamon: £2.20/100g
Arrowroot: £0.65/100g
Garlic Powder: £1.30/100g
Sweet Spice Mix: £2.80/100g
Fairtrade Golden Granulated unrefined Sugar: £0.30/100g
White Plain Flour (Organic): £0.15/100g
Bicarbonate of Soda: £0.20/100g
Peppermint Tea: £2.00/100g
Chamomile Tea: £5.00/100g
Moringa Leaf Tea: £13.00/100g
Coffee 4 Americano/Coffee 5 Espresso/Percol Decaf 250g: £5.00
Coffee Beans Organic Fairtrade:  £2.10/100g
Vegan Speciality/Jars & Cans
Vegan Honey 230g: £6.00
Suma Herb/Mushroom Pate: £3.00
Bonsan Beetroot & Horseradish Pate: £2.75
Bonsan Red Pepper & Cashew Pate: £2.75
Bonsan Garlic Aioli Organic 235g: £2.70 
Marigold Braised Tofu 225g: £2.20
Suma Vegan Sausages & Beans Organic 400g: £2.20
Suma Vegan Beans & Burgers Organic 400g: £2.10
Mr Organic Ketchup 480g: £2.60
Coconut Milk: £1.90
Coconut Whipping Cream: £4.50
Evaporated Coconut Milk: £2.50
Condensed Coconut Milk: £2.50
Vego Chocolat Cream: £4.00
Seitan Pieces: £4.00
Zest Large Pesto 340g: £4.40
Marigold Vegan Tunah 170g: £3.00
Jackfruit Jar Organic: £3.00
Jackfruit Tin: £3.00
Protein Powder 500g: £11.00
Hodmedods Haricot Beans 400g: £1.10
Baked Beans: £1.10
Biona Banana Blossom drained 225g, net 400g: £3
Homemade peanut butter: £5.00
Dijon Mustard Organic 200g: £1.80
Grain Mustard Organic 200g: £1.80
Bonsan Chocolate Spread 350g: £3.60
Biona Cider Vinegar with the Mother Organic 750ml: £3.20 
Meridian Date Syrup 330g: £3.00
Sunflower Frying 500ml: £4.00
Sunflower Frying 1L: £6.00
Cold Pressed Single Origin Olive Oil REFILL £1.05/100ml
Avocado Organic Fairtrade 250ml: £4.65
Biona Flax Seed Virgin Cold Press Organic 250ml: £6.00
Bonsan Vegan Olive Ghee 200g: £7.50
Bonsan Vegan Sunflower Ghee 200g: £5.00
Seed & Bean:
Hazelnut: £2.70
Mint: £2.70
Lavender: £2.70
Chilli & Lime: £2.70
Coconut & Raspberry: £2.70 
Dunkle Nougat: £3.00
71%: £3.00
Feine Bitter: £3.00
99%: £2.30
85%: £2.30
Green/Blue: £4.00

Vego White: £2.00

Goupie Chocolate Candies:

White Christmas 75g: £2.70

White Lavender 160g: £4.50

Mochaccino 160g: £4.50
Dark Chocolate Christmas 180g: £4.70

Jelly Fizzy Bears: £1.00/100g
Jelly Fizzy Buttons: £1/100g
Strawberry Sorbet: £1.00/100g
Apple Sorbet: £/100g
Jelly Cupcakes: £1.00/100g
Cherry Cubes: £1.00/100g
Imperial Mints: £1.00/100g
Jelly Blue Bottles: £1.00/100g
Orange Sorbet: £1.00/100g
Candy Cola Fizzballs: £1.00/100g
Vegan Fudge: £1.5/100g 
Bamboo earbuds: £2.50
Adult or Kids Toothbrush: £3.70
Mouthwash Tablets: £8.70
Toothtabs (replaces tooth paste): £2.60
Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case: £7.50
Cacao Pow Deodorant: £10
Skin Canteen Deodorant Refill: £2/10g
Skin Canteen Face Cream Organic 30ml: £12
Eve of St. Agnes Face Cream: £12
Skin Canteen Body Cream Refill: £0.60/10g
Jael’s Market Body Cream: £1.60/10g
Solid Body Butter: £2.50
Skin Canteen Shampoo Bar: £5
Beauty Kubes Shampoo: £9.50
Beauty Kubes Conditioner: £12

Read the Label Lip Balm: £4

Pumice Stone: £4.25

Conjac Sponge: £6.40
Ramie Bath Puff: £4.25
Stainless Steel Reusable Safety Razor (+10 blades): £23
Bamboo Tampons: £5.00
Bamboo Pads: £3.60
Organic Cotton Pads: £2.20
Organic Cotton Tampons: £2
Vegan Fairtrade Rubber Condoms: £8.00
Perfume Roll: £13
Perfume Spray: £20
Comb: £3.70
Home Compostable Patches (25/pack): £6
Toilet Paper (4 pack): £2.00
Marjoram pink: £3.30
Charcoal/Frankincense: £3.30
Out of Stock Exfoliating Walnut: £3.30
Out of Stock Lemongrass/Turmeric: £3.30
Lavender/Tea Tree £3.30
Laurel Berry (for Severely Dry Flaky Sensitive Skin): £5
Sulfur (for Skin Irritations; Scaly, Dry, Patchy Face, Body, Scalp Skin; Antibacterial) : £5
Black Cumin: £5
Shea Butter: £5
Rhassoul Clay: £5
Jael’s Market Chocolate/Pineapple/Mango: £5.50
Glycerin Grapefruit: £2.60
Glycerin Hemp & Jasmine: £2.60
Faith in Nature: £2.00
Olivia Olive Oil: £1.70
Hand & Delicate Laundry: £5.70/litre
Laundry Powder Non-bio: £4.00/kg
White Vinegar: £1.50/litre
Washing-up Unfragranced: £2.50/litre
Washing-up Ginger: £2.50 
Non-bio Laundry Liquid: £3.10/litre
Fabric Conditioner: £2.50/litre
Cream Bathroom Cleaner: £3.50/litre
Shampoo: £12.00/litre
Conditioner: £13.00/litre
Hand Soap: £7.00/litre
Body Wash: £12.50/litre
Large Paper Tape: £3.60
Small Paper Tape: £2.60
Recycled Paper Handmade Pencil: £1.00
Recycled Paper Handmade Notebook: £4.70
Straw Brush: £2.50
Tea Strainer: £3.80
Bottle Brush: £4.00
Spork: £4.50
Loofah Sponge: £2.55
Wooden Pegs: £4.70
Nut sack to make nut milk: £9.00
Turtle Bag Long Handle: £6.50
Turtle Bag Short Handle: £6.00
Recycled Cement Shopping Bag: £10.00
Foldable Large Cup: £16.50
Foldable Small Cup: £10.50
Metal Foldable Cup: £5.00
Small Candle: £5.70
Medium Candle: £8.70
Large Candle: £10.50
Extra-large Candle: £12.50
Metal Straw: £1.80
Collapsible Metal Straw Rose Gold or Silver: £7.10
WC Bomb: £0.30
Ecover Active Oxygen Bleach: £1.90
Vegan Canned Benevo Cat & Dog Food: £2.50
Poo bags: £5.40